Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Does your elevator go all the way to the top?

It may be a responsibility or a courtesy to send your elevator back down once you’ve reached the top. It may be a sign of maturity not to push all the buttons as you are getting off. It may be a well-deserved time for reflection if your elevator is empty.

The savvy business guru is hungry for the opportunity to ride an elevator with a total stranger. It is the chance to make a difference in the life of someone you don’t know, IF you believe that what you are doing has value.

The monthly business boot camp inspired by the Owatonna Chamber of Commerce was sponsored this month by Thrivent Financial who provided a lunch for the event. Thrivent regional representative from Rochester, Kerry Edwards explained that his organization is a not-for-profit Christian organization that helps its clients to achieve financial security so they can in turn give back to their communities. 

“We help individuals and families develop a strategy to reach their financial goals and live generous lives,” Edwards writes on his LinkedIn profile.

The boot camp is a monthly in-depth training that helps business leaders get that cutting edge in business and provides a training that comes from both business experts and the networking support of those attending.

The topic for the day was “elevator speeches” and the business experts that acted as the trainers and drill instructors were Holly Sobrack, a marketing specialist from Westbrack Marketing and Matthew Stanislav who is a  Financial Advisor for Edward Jones. An elevator speech or better known in the business industry as “elevator pitch” was said to have originated from the vintage age of Hollywood where screenwriters would try to catch producers in elevators and would only have a short amount of time to pitch an idea.

Both Sobrack and Stanislav explained the project of the day was to explain what an elevator speech is, how to develop an elevator speech and finally, participation in group exercises to practice what was developed in the workshop.

“An elevator speech is just clear and concise information about your business,” Sobrack said. “(It is) about 30 to 60 seconds. It should share your expertise, your credentials quickly and effectively, who are you, what are you looking for, how can you benefit a company or organization, and what can you bring to the table.”

As Sobrack tagged off to Stanilslav, he addressed the issue of “why do we need an elevator speech.”

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