Tuesday, July 27, 2021
Bobbie Bruns, left, her sister Maggie and the Blooming Prairie girls basketball team have developed a close bond due to playing together for the past few years. The Bruns sisters have been playing together on varsity for the past four years, but this will be their last season playing together since Maggie will graduate this spring. Maggie Bruns (1) and her sister Bobbie (3) have gotten used to sharing the same court. They played together as kindergartners, during grade school and at the high school level for the past four years.

Bound by basketball… and sisterhood

Bruns sisters work to grow bond with teammates
“In basketball, you have to trust your teammates so we can go to each other about anything.” -Maggie Bruns, Blossoms Basketball Player

Sisters Maggie and Bobbie Bruns have been playing basketball together for most of their lives yet their bond with their Blooming Prairie teammates might be just as strong.

The Awesome Blossoms’ strong bond started early. Four of the five starters are seniors, so they all grew up playing together.

Even though starting guard Bobbie Bruns isn’t a senior, this is her fourth year playing on varsity, so she’s used to playing with the class above her.

She said the fact that the starters have been playing together for the past few years is the main reason they’re so close.

“With that time, we've grown together and click a little more each year,” she said.

Blooming Prairie Head Coach and the sister’s father John Bruns agreed, saying the team’s cohesion is a product of playing together so often.

“It’s a long season so they spent a lot of time together and when you do that for the last four or five years, that's pretty special,” he said. “Anytime you're in competition you're going to have things go up and down and that ability to rise and face a challenge together has made them a really close-knit group of friends and it's been really fun to watch that.”

Maggie Bruns added that the team’s chemistry has helped them be more successful on the court.

“With anybody, the longer you play together, the better knowledge of each other’s strengths and what each other are going to do,” she said.

However, just because they play more with the starters, doesn’t mean they’re not just as close with the rest of their teammates.

“We're super close with all of our teammates,” she said.

Thanks to that team chemistry, Bobbie Bruns said, the Blossoms know how to encourage each other when things aren’t going well.

“We know how to pick each other up and know how each other will respond to things,” she said.

Maggie Bruns mentioned that that team bond also sets a good example for the junior varsity and younger girls.

“A lot of us are upperclassmen, so as a team we give the younger girls something to look up to,” she said.

In addition to setting a good example and being a close team on the court, Bobbie Bruns said they’re all friends outside of basketball too.

Maggie Bruns agreed, saying that they trust each other on and off the court.

“In basketball, you have to trust your teammates so we can go to each other about anything. I know they're going to be there for me no matter what I need. It's a really cool bond that we have,” she said.

Even though this bond was created through the medium of basketball, Bobbie Bruns said they’d still be friends if they didn’t play basketball together but playing together takes that trust and friendship to another level.

Maggie Bruns noted that the Awesome Blossoms’ close friendship is a testament to the bond sports can build.

“We'd still be friends, but playing basketball together takes your friendship to another level because that's one more thing that you have in common,” she said.

While basketball has been a common interest and a constant in her and her teammates’ lives for the past few years, she understands and is grateful that the friendships she’s built through basketball will outlast their basketball careers.

“We’ve grown up together and those are my best friends,” she said. “The best part is those are the relationships I'm going to have for forever.”


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