Thursday, April 15, 2021

Contact lenses can disappear, too

It's true! Contact lenses can disappear, too.

I have had the contact move above the cornea and try and try, and I have a heck of a time finding the hiding contact.

After addressing in last week's Reflections column about the issue of losing or misplacing my glasses, I decided to share some experiences others and myself have experienced with contact lenses.

I love contact lenses. They offer unbelievable freedom.

As I said in the last column, my brother-in-law, Darrell Hansen of Blooming Prairie, convinced me to switch to contact lenses. I must admit that it was an adjustment from popping my glasses atop my nose to positioning them on my eyeball.

I now wear just one contact lens. I have had a cataract removed from my right eye. My ophthalmologist then placed an implant on that eye. The left eye still has the cataract, which is not yet "ripe," says my doctor.

The most difficult part of wearing contacts is to place them on the eye. I have not had a problem putting my finger on my eyeball, but sometimes, it just doesn't want to stay implanted.

It's a trick to placing the contacts on the eye. Make the lens look like a taco. If it doesn't resemble a taco, the contact likely will not feel right.

I've heard horror stories about contacts. My neighbor's daughter actually swallowed a lens after placing it in a cup, forgetting to bring her contact carrier to her destination.

When I worked at a small weekly newspaper in North Branch, one of our typists could not find one of her contacts. After looking in many places, she finally realized she had put one contact atop the other.

I once had the misfortune of having my contact dislodge itself while I was out for a morning jog. I managed to catch it with my finger. What did I do next? You are right. I found moisture for it and popped it into my mouth.

After running a few blocks with the contact in my mouth, I stopped and decided to attempt placing the lens back into my eye. I succeeded.

With only one contact in my eyes, I have sometimes made the mistake of trying to remove a contact from my right eye. Finally realizing my mistake, I switched to working on my left eye.

On occasion, I have forgotten to remove my contacts at bedtime and when I awake, I realize that I can still see clearly. Oops! I forgot take the lenses out.

I wish I could have the LASIK surgery, but my longtime ophthalmologist Dr. Sabina Zimering, a survivor of the Holocaust, said my vision is too advanced to save it with LASIK. Son Troy and granddaughter Kaley have both had LASIK and love its benefits.

Wikipedia says contact lenses are ocular prosthetic devices used by over 150 million people worldwide, and they can be worn to correct vision or for cosmetic or therapeutic reasons.

The U.S. market for contact lenses is more than 2 billion. More women than men wear contact lenses.

In addition to providing better vision, contacts are preferred to wearing glasses when also wearing a mask.

If you don't wear glasses or contact lenses, you can consider yourself fortunate. Good vision is everything.


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