Thursday, April 15, 2021

It happens at least once a day

"Hey Judy! Where are my glasses?”

That's a refrain that is echoed every day by me, Howard.

Eye glasses, meaning regular glasses, readers and other optical aids, like contact lenses, are my life line. Without them, my actual functioning is put in jeopardy.

"Hey Howard," Judy replies: "They're on the top of your head." She also says, "Howard, they are tucked into the front of your shirt."

I'm positive that many of us are dependent on our eyewear and are disabled when we cannot find our seeing eyes.

Since being called "four eyes" in fourth grade when I got my first pair of eye glasses, the ones with the wrap around the ear bows, I have been vision dependent on eye glasses.

I vividly remember the hundreds of times of times I’ve lost my glasses and had to depend on my family to find the lost glasses.

I also remember going to the school bus and being yelled at by a classmate: "Howard, over here." As I turned around a snow ball caught me in the right eye and immediately broke my glasses. Now, I was really handicapped, with one lens broken, and pieces of glass in my eye.

My consoling mom helped remove the glass pieces from my eye. The next day, she took me to the eye doctor to get a new pair of glasses.

My vision has always been poor, and I monitored my gradual deterioration of sight.

In my early adult years when Judy and I lived in the Twin Cities, I doctored with an ophthalmologist named Dr. Sabina Zimering. She was a survivor of the Holocaust. She was the one who diagnosed my migraine headaches.

After going through many changes of prescriptions with Dr. Zimering, I graduated to contact lenses. Actually, my brother-in-law Darrell Hansen of Blooming Prairie recommended I try contact lenses.

I agreed to try contacts and immediately fell in love with them. As I continued to approach old age, I found it necessary to buy "cheaters," or in other words, "readers."

After having one cataract removed, it was necessary for me to still wear one contact in my left eye. I was also given a prescription of prism glasses to help me with double vision.

Now, I think you can begin to SEE, that I am really dependent on optical wear.

I absolutely need my contact lens or distance glasses for every day life. I use my "readers" for reading the paper, or watching TV, and most importantly, for working on the computer.

"Judy, have you seen my glasses today?" I ask in a panic. "Howard, Howard, I get tired of you misplacing your glasses every day," she responds.

Judy is always my savior in helping me locate my glasses. I have found them in my slippers, in my regular shoes and between the cushions on the couch.

My usual problem comes when I set my eyewear down in a place I normally don't put them. I then have to retrace my steps and hopefully locate them.

I'm often on the phone with a store where I left my glasses. "No, they're not here," the shopkeeper replies. The hunt returns to the house where I frantically resume the search.

There have been times when I have not located the glasses, putting them in a location outside the house. I then go to the store and buy a new pair of "readers."

I have often placed my glasses in a case in the frontal pouch of my sweat shirt. I also have tucked them deep into my sweat pants and when reaching into my front pockets, I say to Judy, "Guess what, I have my glasses in my pants pocket."

It's a good practice to have extra pairs of glasses, especially "readers" all over the house and in the car. Then, I am protected all of the time.

"Where did you leave them this time?" Judy asks as she can see I appear to be searching for my glasses once again. "There they are," I reply gleefully as I find my "readers" on top of the clothes dryer.

It's a daily routine for many of us to be hunting for our missing eye glasses. Get used to it.


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