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Couple finds love in rescue dogs
Howard Lestrud, Contributing Writer

They say it’s a dog’s life, but a dog’s unpredictable heart of love can cause one to return that love to an eight-inch little puppy.

Two Udolpho Township residents are unidentified in print until a solution to the dogs’ story is made public.

This particular dog story could be a loving Valentine’s story telling about a surprising rescue of six Labrador dogs by a husband and wife who have invested many hours trying to solve a dilemma of these beautiful animals left unguarded in the Udolpho residents’ yard.

The love story became public when the area farmer posted bulletins asking the owners of these animals to come forward. Nobody claimed the animals.

An uninvited guest

The love story starts like this: The unnamed farmer noticed a strange white colored lab walking near a basement window of his home.

He just shrugged it off. On the next day, his wife told him that the dog was back.

He then did a little bit more research by finding the white dog mothering six little lab dogs on wood chips near the window well. She had made a nest. The farmer believes she gave birth near the heat vent.

Mom and the six puppies were huddled, all shaking, near the window vent. They were absorbing some much-needed warmth.

The farmer did what any other animal lover would do. He offered her shelter in his unattached garage. He went to Vandal’s Family Market and to buy two bags of dog food. After hearing about the pups, store owner Brady Holmberg donated the dog food.

In his machine shed, the farmer found a piece of carpeting and spotted an old child’s plastic swimming pool. The pups now had a temporary home, sleeping quietly under heat lamp bulbs.

The farmer was worried that the mother dog may be over protective and might shun his helping hand, but she welcomed his help.

Four pups remain

As the days went by, the farmer kept vigil and found two of the puppies had expired. The remaining four puppies seemed in good health.

“I didn’t think the pups would have lasted too long if I wouldn’t have befriended them,” he said. A number of callers showed interest in adopting the pups but as of press time, the healthy little labs were still residents of Udolpho Township.

These wayward pups and their mom became special Valentines to these two Udolpho residents. It’s a story that comforts the heart.

“If we would have had a tough winter, these pups would not have made it,” the farmer said.



Adopting Rescue Dogs


Contact Times office at 507-583-4431 if interested in adopting these dogs and information will be relayed to foster couple.


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